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Investor Relations Consulting

Investor Relations Consulting

AST Phoenix Advisors' and CST Phoenix Advisors' Investor Relations Consulting services offer clients best-in-class services for strategic investor outreach. From complete equity and fixed income solutions to tax audit studies to quantitative financial reporting, our Investor Relations team has created a comprehensive services suite that is built on significant expertise and sets the standard within the industry. Our objective through our Investor Relations services is to provide issuers with the information and awareness they require to make the most out of their experience in the marketplace as well as their partnerships with key investors.

Our Investor Relations services include:

  • Capital Markets Consulting: Comprehensive stock analysis on institutional trading that will provide key institutional shareholder data on a regular basis of who is buying and selling a company's stock and assist in enabling a company to efficiently and effectively prioritize opportunities for investor outreach.
  • Credit Markets Intelligence: Comprehensive analysis of bondholder investor base to determine who is buying and selling a company's debt; a snapshot displaying weekly bond activity (price, yield, and spread movements) versus sector and fundamental peers; stakeholder analysis based on a combination of equity market value and debt par value - all of which will create a greater demand at issuance or in the secondary markets.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Tax Audit Studies from Regulatory Compliance and Share Audit Studies:
    Which focus on multinational corporations and foreign private issuers: Comprehensive analysis that identifies the beneficial ownership of a company's common stock, warrants, debt and preferred securities as it relates to tax treaty status, pre-IRS filing requirements, Regulation 382, NOLs (M&A) FACTA, Jones Act, SDRT, HMRC and FCC. These studies will assist in providing key stakeholder ownership data on the beneficial owner level which will assist in proving a company's status regarding various tax and regulatory codes to enable a company to mitigate costs of tax requirements and regulatory filing.
  • Investor Sentiment Studies: Offers the most comprehensive qualitative diagnostic available. Our insight allows an issuer to gain independent and objective analysis, enhancing market valuation and improving overall investor perception. Differentiate yourself in the global marketplace through actionable insight and precise criteria to gain a unique competitive edge.
  • Quantitative Predictive Analysis: Transparent financial targeting models based on fundamentals, weightings, valuation and coupled with trader's edge cost basis to get a targeted analytical view. Offering a tiered level approach to key prospects down to the pertinent secondary holder level, indicative sell criteria and potentially mitigate sell side pressure with early warning signs analysis. Predictive models allow the issuer to be more efficient, effective and selective when dealing with the investment community.

To learn more on how we can assist your company, contact Tom Kies, Executive Vice President of Investor Relations, at (718) 921-8527 or email tkies@irsolutionsast.com.