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Year-Round Advisory Services

Companies receive governance advice from a range of sources, including their outside directors, law firms, compensation consultants and others. We take this review down to the specific shareholder level, ensuring that our advice is tailored to and appropriate for each client as well as its unique owner/voter base.

We employ a proactive, year-round advisory model, unlike the traditional proxy solicitation services that provide advice only when it is requested of them. All of our clients receive quarterly reports of changes to their ownership base from a proxy voting perspective, as well as updates on the changing regulatory environment, how these changes may impact them, and discussion of emerging best practices in response.

We find that these regular, probing conversations help us and our clients to identify potential risk factors earlier in the process, when there is time for effective analysis and response to mitigate their potential impact.

Many of our client senior management teams ask us to also provide their boards with similar updates, as these issues and our insight may affect the conduct of their duties as well as impact their election.